Nancy Larsen-Sanders
  Author of the 5 Book "Earth's Memories" Series and "All Stubborned Up"      

All Stubborned Up

All Stubborned Up
by Nancy Larsen-Sanders

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CLAIRE COLLIER IS AN AUTHOR and university professor who has just retired to live on the family ranch with the goal of finishing her fourth book while caring for her brother, James, who has been stricken by Alzheimer’s disease.

When Claire’s husband dies suddenly, her life is thrown into upheaval. As Alzheimer’s threatens to take over her own brain, a dangerous, masked man moves about the Kansas countryside, haunted by painful memories and pent-up revenge that lead him on a path of brutalizing innocent people and killing animals—even raping a young girl. Meanwhile, despite the obstacles that line her journey of grief, Claire manages to send her book to the publisher and stays close to her brother through his devastating illness. But the horrifying events taking place in the countryside dredge up unspeakable memories from nearly fifty years ago and, as Claire begins drowning in the darkness of depression, she must seek help through counseling and medication.

Just as Claire makes a choice she thinks puts her back in control, she suddenly realizes the attacker is out to get her.